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December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

After 7.5 years I have resigned from my position at Red Hat.  I’m starting a new gig in January at a small company called AirDat.  It was a tough decision, but ultimately one that I’m happy with.  There are certainly things I’ll miss, mostly the people.  But it’s time for a new chapter in my professional life.  I’m not moving, will still be here in RDU.  My goodbye to our company wide mailing list is after the jump.

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A Great Dinner

June 27, 2010 1 comment

Yesterday T and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.  Yes, she’s put up with me for 11 years, longer actually, but you generally stop counting that other time once you get married.  My Mother (thanks) came over and watched the kids, while we went out to dinner at Second Empire.  It was really nice going out to someplace just to eat dinner, no crayons, no kids menu, a nice relaxing long meal with excellent service.  The food was excellent, I started with a glass of Macallan 18 (on the rocks, quiet John it releases the flavor) while T got a half bottle of Baileyana Pinot Noir.  I geeked out a little bit and took some pictures of the food, which amused the matre d’ a bit.  Since I wasn’t the health inspector or a food critic he didn’t really care.  We had a nice 3 course meal, I had savory dessert and went with a cheese tray and wonderful cabernet sauvignon, while T went with a sweet dessert.  The food, service, and presentation were awesome it was a perfect night, I thought the cheese tray was the best part of the meal, but T’s cajun rib-eye was a close second.  Pictures and descriptions after the jump.

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Song Deconstruction: Cosmic Love

June 9, 2010 Leave a comment

My good friend Jason turned me on to this song “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine.  It’s a really amazing song and right now one of my favorites.  Lyrically it’s kinda sad and beautiful at the same time, but the way she scream/sings through the lyrics, the use of the heavy beating drum, it’s really awesome.  Great to sing in the car, great to listen to loud.  There’s a tone of sacrifice in her words that comes out that I really like.  I spent today listening to it at work a bunch of times and in the car on the way home trying to memorize the lyrics and more specifically the meter.  She sings the chorus a tad different each time, with a little bit more emotion and a the music is a little more frenetic, it’s great the way it builds. This is one of those songs that I don’t think about what it says, or what it’s trying to convey I just love to listen to it and sing it.

I picked up the whole album based solely on this song, the one most people have heard “Kiss With A Fist” is fun and poppy, I haven’t given the whole album a good solid listen yet to make a judgement on the rest but so far Cosmic Love completely carries it.

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Kirks Amazing Spinach Dip

December 28, 2009 Comments off

2 large sweet onions diced (vidalia or oso)
8 diced garlic cloves
2 cans of diced tomatoes (petite work best)
20 diced serranos (completely optional, if you do use them chop them up very fine in a food processor)
2 blocks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese softened
1 pint of whole cream
4 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
4 cups of shredded monterey jack cheese
4 table spoons of red wine vinegar
1 32oz bag of frozen chopped spinach
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil

Saute olive oil, onions, garlic & serranos until soft.  Add tomatoes and spinach and bring to a boil.  Pour over cream cheese and mix thoroughly.  Stir in remaining ingredients.  Cover and bake at 375 for 40 minutes.  Stir and cool before serving.

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Photo privacy

October 26, 2009 2 comments

So for a while I’ve had photos scattered in a few different places, I’ve decided to consolidate everything onto flickr (at least for the time being).  I don’t love flickr’s presentation but I can’t argue with their usability.  There are just more tools out there and flikr is the 500lb gorilla as far as community and sharing sites.

The only photos that will be public are the ‘style’ type photos.  All the personal stuff will be Friend/Family only as appropriate.  I’m sure a time will come when I may want to be able to see pictures of my kids but for right now I’m going to protect their privacy.  Joining flickr is free and I recommend anyone interested in joining and adding me as a contact.  I’ll return the favor and you can see all the cuteness/etc to your hearts content.

The photostream will pull in on the sidebar and can be found directly at

My New Daughter

October 14, 2009 2 comments

Today I upped my family by one, increased my available tax deductions and created another justification for a larger car.  My daughter Maggie Anne MacLeod was born at 12:52pm today, 8lbs 7os, 22″ long.  Mom and Maggie are doing just fine.  A few pictures can be found at

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Pullen Park

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

The weather was beautiful here so I spent a bit of time at pullen park taking some photos. img_0653.jpg