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The 7 Deadly Sysadmin Sins

We’ve all been there, needing to fix something and not having the time, energy, etc to fix it the right way.  Sometimes this is the easiest way to avoid a massive rabbit hole.  But you know it’s wrong you do it and keep going but part of you dies inside.  The 7 Deadly Sysadmin Sins.
  1. chmod 777
  2. chmod 4755 $file
  3. setenforce 0
  4. echo ” |passwd –stdin root
  5. service iptables stop
  6. echo ‘reboot’ > /etc/cron.daily/fix-hanging-db.sh
  7. curl http://randomwebsite/foo.sh | bash

The last one bugs the crap out of me when good software developers assume this is a valid way to install software (outside of your personal machine).

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