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The 7 Deadly Sysadmin Sins

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment
We’ve all been there, needing to fix something and not having the time, energy, etc to fix it the right way.  Sometimes this is the easiest way to avoid a massive rabbit hole.  But you know it’s wrong you do it and keep going but part of you dies inside.  The 7 Deadly Sysadmin Sins.
  1. chmod 777
  2. chmod 4755 $file
  3. setenforce 0
  4. echo ” |passwd –stdin root
  5. service iptables stop
  6. echo ‘reboot’ > /etc/cron.daily/
  7. curl http://randomwebsite/ | bash

The last one bugs the crap out of me when good software developers assume this is a valid way to install software (outside of your personal machine).