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The Letter I wrote Yesterday…

After 7.5 years I have resigned from my position at Red Hat.  I’m starting a new gig in January at a small company called AirDat.  It was a tough decision, but ultimately one that I’m happy with.  There are certainly things I’ll miss, mostly the people.  But it’s time for a new chapter in my professional life.  I’m not moving, will still be here in RDU.  My goodbye to our company wide mailing list is after the jump.

Wow, this is a hard email to write, one that ultimately I knew someday
I’d write but never really expecting when I would write it.

After 7 and a half years I’m leaving Red Hat.  It was a tough decision
and one that hasn’t been taken lightly.

As with most endings it’s bitter sweet.  I’m excited for my new
opportunity and a what it holds.  I’m sad to be leaving a really great
company, probably more than just a company but truly a culture.  I’m
most sad about leaving many friends and colleagues.  There are a lot of
relationships built over the better part of a decade and while they are
not torn asunder they are changed.

What once was RHN has been long gone, but those that were a part of it
remain, some still at Red Hat in different roles, others moved on to
other things.  RHN was almost a culture within a culture.  That time,
and the relationships that developed out of it are some of the high
points of the last 7 years.

IT never gets enough credit.  There are a lot of really smart, really
passionate people in IT and yet they are vilified at worst and
overlooked at best in most cases.  Next time you congratulate a team on
a project well done or a milestone achieved, remember that in all likely
hood not a bit of it would have been possible if IT hadn’t silently been
doing their job.

I guess there’s a certain amount of irony that despite 7.5 years, 2
departments and numerous managers I’ve never posted to memo-list till
now.  Not that I don’t believe in it.  In fact quite the opposite, it
serves a very important purpose and despite it’s annoyances (and ability
to distract us and fill up our mailboxes), it underlines one of the core
tenets, openness.

So after all these years and with a heavy heart I take my leave,
wishing everyone the best.  What Red Hat does and more importantly
*how* they do it is what makes all the difference in this place.
Without ‘The Red Hat Way’ this place is just a company like any other.
I’ve seen that ‘way’ change over the years and we’ve survived and
thrived as a result.  Hopefully that trend will continue, but it takes
everyone, from the top down to embrace what makes this place special in
order to maintain it.

I hope that everyone, who wishes, keeps in touch.  My last day isn’t
until 12/17 so I’ll be around the building till then.  I’ll still be in
the RDU area (where I’m headed is no secret but better discussed over
lunch or a cold beer).  I’ll still be on freenode, and I can always be
found at stick (at) miscellaneous (dot) net.

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