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A Great Dinner

Yesterday T and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.  Yes, she’s put up with me for 11 years, longer actually, but you generally stop counting that other time once you get married.  My Mother (thanks) came over and watched the kids, while we went out to dinner at Second Empire.  It was really nice going out to someplace just to eat dinner, no crayons, no kids menu, a nice relaxing long meal with excellent service.  The food was excellent, I started with a glass of Macallan 18 (on the rocks, quiet John it releases the flavor) while T got a half bottle of Baileyana Pinot Noir.  I geeked out a little bit and took some pictures of the food, which amused the matre d’ a bit.  Since I wasn’t the health inspector or a food critic he didn’t really care.  We had a nice 3 course meal, I had savory dessert and went with a cheese tray and wonderful cabernet sauvignon, while T went with a sweet dessert.  The food, service, and presentation were awesome it was a perfect night, I thought the cheese tray was the best part of the meal, but T’s cajun rib-eye was a close second.  Pictures and descriptions after the jump.

First Course

T – PAN-FRIED GULF SHRIMP & CHORIZO SAUSAGE EMPANADA – roasted cumin N.C. sweet potatoes, pear& fennel salsa, dried cranberries, scallion dough, roasted chipotle & black bean jus

C – SMOKED SEAFOOD SALAD – pickled succotash, butternut squash, corn, snow peas, mustard greens & baby romaine, molasses & juniper vinaigrette

Second Course (no pictures :()

T – CAJUN PAN-ROASTED CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF RIBEYE – capellini pasta & pancetta ham casserole, sweet garlic-braised escarole, ratatouille, sweet potato purée, chipotle & mango butter

C – CAJUN-SEASONED DIVER SEA SCALLOPS – pan-fried green tomato & smoked gouda cheese stack, spinach, crispy pork belly, wasabi sweet potatoes, celery root, veal & white truffle jus


T – Empire Chocolate Soufflé – classic chocolate soufflé baked to order, topped with powdered sugar, served with chantilly cream

C – Cheese Tray – Drunken Goat, Morbier, Smoked Gouda

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  1. June 28, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    Wow – what a dinner! CONGRATULATIONS!! 11 YEARS!!!! I can hardly beleive it’s been that long since you guys tied the knot. I remember it vividly.

    I am so jealous of this dinner, esp. your cheese tray, but these pictures look fantastic. You say that your cheeses were the best course, but every course here looks like an adventure. It remminds me of the dining room at the Ritz-Carlton buckhead which has bitten the dust here in ATL (sadly).

    I saw your shout out about your MacCallan 18 on the rocks and had to comment:

    I’ll tell you a secret about my scotch drinking. I got a bottle of cask strength Laphroig 10 for Christmas and the carton recommended putting a certain measure of water in the scotch: 2:1 if you can beleive that, and it did help bring out some of the more delicate flavors. So if it’s recommended for McCallan to put ice cubes, then go for it. Most scotches, when had at a true scotch tasting event, are had at room temperature and sometimes with a splash of spring water. However, there aren’t any rules as to how you prefer to enjoy scotch. I maintain that you get more of the flavor of most scotches when you drink them at room temperature, but that’s the whiskey snob talking. I like my rye and bourbon on the rocks and my scotch room temp. Straight if normal proof and with some filtered water if cask strength. You go on with your bad rocks in your scotch. I’ll keep being the whiskey snob.

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