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Song Deconstruction: Cosmic Love

My good friend Jason turned me on to this song “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine.  It’s a really amazing song and right now one of my favorites.  Lyrically it’s kinda sad and beautiful at the same time, but the way she scream/sings through the lyrics, the use of the heavy beating drum, it’s really awesome.  Great to sing in the car, great to listen to loud.  There’s a tone of sacrifice in her words that comes out that I really like.  I spent today listening to it at work a bunch of times and in the car on the way home trying to memorize the lyrics and more specifically the meter.  She sings the chorus a tad different each time, with a little bit more emotion and a the music is a little more frenetic, it’s great the way it builds. This is one of those songs that I don’t think about what it says, or what it’s trying to convey I just love to listen to it and sing it.

I picked up the whole album based solely on this song, the one most people have heard “Kiss With A Fist” is fun and poppy, I haven’t given the whole album a good solid listen yet to make a judgement on the rest but so far Cosmic Love completely carries it.

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