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I've Been Lax

So I’ve been a horrible slacker with regards to this blog.  I’ve been terribly busy recently, but that’s not much of an excuse.  It seems that everytime I go to update wordpress I end up redoing my theme.  So once again I’m updated it and hopefully that will keep me from going months between posts.  It’s been a busy couple of months.  The Disc Golf season is pretty much over.  Since we’re here in the south you can pretty much play year rounds but at my age being out in 30 degree weather isn’t my idea of a good time.  I am planning on going to Mytle Beach for a tournament in December.

As a family we’ve been really busy as well.  T went back to work part time and it’s working out really really well.  C gets to spend time with a friend of his (rather than some big day care which is good), but Mommy also gets to spend time with him.  Work for me is going alright but I do have a new boss, we’ll see how it works out in the long run.  I took a couple of trips that I’ll discuss in other posts but all in all they were very good.  I love to leasure travel but doing it away from my little boy and my honey is tough.

Recently I’ve become quite addicted to twitter, most my limited ‘blogging’ occurs there since it’s very quick and I don’t have to sit down and think about what I’m going to write.  It really appeals to the ADD side of my brain (ooohhh shiney thing…).  I’m not convinced how twitter is going to stay in business since they don’t really have a revenue model that I’ve seen.  I suppose they’ll fall back on the ‘We get a ton of traffic so we equate that into ad revenue.’ business model.  As far as I’m concerned right now google is the only one that can actually make money with that model and sustain a full time business.  But I’m a systems guy not an economic guy.

The election has come and gone.  I won’t really talk about it much because it’s for the most part over and we have to live with this decision for the next four years, good or bad.  If you’re really interested in political (and or economic) theory check out my friends over at demwits.com.  They do way more research than I do.

So hopefully I’ll start posting more and it will actually be interesting or relavent.  I’ll probably do an iphone post now that I’ve had mine for some time as well as a recap of LISA 2008.

Also during my recent wordpress upgrade I aslo setup a mobile optimized site.  It’s probably pretty iphone specific since I can’t really test it with a blackberry, etc.  It’s all sorts of ajaxy so it may be slightly slow, but drop some commets if it’s horrible.

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