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Diner Food

Greasy Spoon, Diner, Cafe, Caff.  All the same to me, a diner.  I’ve always been a big fan of the diner.  The food.. well I’ve never really had a bad meal at a diner.  You get what you pay for though.  Don’t expect gormet, but do expect good and cheap.  One of my few disappointments with the Raleigh area is the lack of really good diners to be found.  They can be found, but you have to know where they are and they aren’t just around the corner like they are in other places.  My diner experience started in college when after a nightly binge a trip to waffle house (the one on the far side of the highway with the two very nice butch lesbian waitresses) was a requirement.  I’ve even seen the sun rise a few times at that waffle house.  A trip to atlanta wouldn’t be complete without a trip to The Original Pancake House.  I practically lived at the waffle house in Auburn.  Anytime I’m in the mood for good cheap food I generally hit a diner.  Diners are a place of real people.  There’s no pretense to eating at a diner.  There’s generally no need to check the menu or see what the seasonal specials are.  The best waitstaff in the world work at diners, fast, efficient and generally real and friendly.  If you strike up conversation with a diner waitress it’s because she’s a nice person and wants to talk to you (otherwise she won’t) not because she’s trolling for a tip.  The diner is one of the few restaurants where you can actually just sit and watch the world go by, read a paper (as long as it’s not during the rush).

I revisited my diner love with a trip to Waffle House this weekend while the wife and kid were away.  3 eggs scrambled with cheese, raisin toast, hash brown (scattered, smothered, covered and diced) and a vanilla coke (it was afternoon so no coffee).

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