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My internets are lacking

May 23, 2008 Leave a comment

The intrepid Captain Pickard sent me a link the Weezer video Pork and Beans which on top of being an excellent song is also an excellent video. However I immediatly felt slightly deficient in that I only recognized about 60% of the youtube references contained within. So I’m now trying to track down the videos for everything I’ve missed by not going daily to or

On a side note ‘The Red Album’ comes out 6/3, I’ve already lala’ed it, but I might try out their mp3 purchase stuff just to see how it is. Depends a lot on their policies around DRM.

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The fallecy of concatenation

May 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Whenever I discuss configuration management with anyone that is new to the concept, and even some people that have been doing it for a while.  There’s one concept that comes up that I have to argue with people about incessantly.  It’s this concept of concatenation.  Basically what people want to do is have this stub of a file be global, this other stub only effect this particular subset of machines, this other stub affect this other subset, then finally a stub that’s host specific. Read more…