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In search of…

My previous post about the ‘Perfect Manhattan‘ probably misled a few people. I’m in general not a fan of dry vermouth, hence why I like ‘The Haining’. I’ve always been in search of the perfect (note the lowercase ‘P’) Manhattan. Every time I’m out at a bar and I have one they are usually really good, in fact often times, so good they are dangerous. But yet when I make them at home I don’t get it right. I had suspected that despite ordering just a ‘Manhattan’ that I was actually getting a ‘Perfect Manhattan’. After having one there is a definite difference. So I’m still on the hunt for the right recipe for me. Sadly it’s actually hard to find Rye Whiskey here in NC (yay state run liquor). Traditionally when I’m out I generally order bourbon Manhattans but I’d like to try one with Rye.

Maybe I’ll take a more scientific approach this weekend and make a couple of small variations for tasting purposes. One of the downsides (is it really a downside?) to experimenting is that once you have 2 or 3 they all start to taste the same.

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