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Adventures in vermouth

April 23, 2008

So tonight, adventures in vermouth continued with the 007 Vesper, which was ok and a ‘Perfect Manhattan’. Sadly the only bourbon around the house is Elijah Craig which is a bit strong for a Manhattan, also I was out of maraschino cherry’s so the garnish was missing. I’ve come to realize that especially with traditional cocktails the garnish is probably the most important ingredient. It makes the drink in a way the ingredients do not. I didn’t love the Vesper but I’m glad I tried it. Gin just offends my palate in a way no other liquor does.

I also found this today. Led Zeppelin and STP would be an awesome show, one that I would certainly attend if it was remotely close. T would love it as well as she’s bigger into Zep than I ever am or was. We’ll see if it ever comes true. It would be amazing to see them live.

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