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What a whirlwind

April 18, 2008

So I’ve really let miscnet linger without much of an update for way too long. Alot of it has been that I’ve been busy. Really busy. The month of March had me traveling every single weekend except Easter. Florida for John’s bachelor party, Toronto with Dad for an all hockey weekend, then Kentucky for the Bowling Green Amateur Championships (which were a huge letdown this year). Plus there’s this whole Dad thing that I’m doing now that is really cool, but takes a lot of time.

The hockey season this year was really odd, since that’s most often what I write about I think that’s why I haven’t been posting much. Carolina showed flashes of being really really good, including dethroning Ottawa who had been on a 15-2 run at the beginning of the season. Ironically now as I write this Carolina is enjoying the golf courses and Ottawa has just been swept in 4 by the Pens. Mediocrity in the middle of the season cost the Canes this year. That and injuries, but everyone has those so it’s a hollow excuse. In general it’s always a hollow excuse, but that’s sports. Eventually one team has to win and the other twenty nine have to lose. That makes a lot of disappointment to be shared around. I really enjoyed this season though despite some of the inconsistency. Our seats are great and I like all the people that sit around us. It’s starting to be like a little hockey family. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my seats again next season, but we’ll have to see.

Toronto was a blast, Dad and I had a lot of fun. The games weren’t that great, Carolina got blown out in Buffalo then we watched the Sabres blow out the Leafs the next night. The third game was redeeming though as Carolina smoked the Senators in a Sunday afternoon matinée. Toronto is a neat town though I didn’t see much of it I liked what I saw and it wasn’t as cold as I thought (30s). The Hockey Hall of Fame was awesome lots of really cool stuff there and I got my picture with the cup again. It was nice to have some time to actually look at the cup and the names which I didn’t have when it visited in Carolina after ’06.

Bowling Green, which is usually my favorite tournament of the year was a total letdown this year and I probably won’t be back. There was a new TD this year instead of Larry Bledsoe, he certainly did an adequate job considering they had almost 700 people. But comparing to years past this event isn’t what it used to be. They had Advanced play a new course that just wasn’t ready and had us play the long Franklin course as well. While the courses were ok, they were out of the skill level of most of the Advanced field. The real kicker in all of this was that the Pro National Tour event two weeks later played the original, and my favorite, course layout. (White, Lovers, Keriakas, Hobson)

Usually at Bowling green as an Am you feel like royalty b/c everyone is ams and they treat you as top tier when you play advanced. You are the biggest division and in theory (me not withstanding) the most skilled. But this year there were lots of little things that went wrong that shouldn’t for a tournament this size that’s been running this long. The pool TD’s in general were not very good. My group had to make their own scorecard for the last round because they ran out. The flymart wasn’t very good, Innova didn’t bother to show up because it was so expensive for vendors. They did the stupid shuffle again this year. Honestly I understand the point of the shuffle for worlds etc, but if you can’t shuffle everyone, then don’t shuffle at all it only causes problems with rides. The crowning blunder of the shuffle was that at the players party (which you had to go to because they didn’t get scores up online so you could see your pool reassignment) they put all the boards out on the back deck, in the dark. So here you have around 500 people trying find find their name on one of 7 scoreports in the dark. Needless to say I think I’m soured on bowling green now, it’s four days that I’d rather spend going somewhere else that I haven’t played before. Maybe next year I’ll go back to mid nationals.

If you’ve made it all the way down here I’m impressed, I kinda got on a roll and rambled but if you’ve listened to me tell a story before you know that’s pretty normal. Hopefully I’ll be a little more diligent about posting so that I don’t have to write for an hour to make up for three months of not writing at all.

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