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Rico's Red Beans and Rice

January 23, 2008

Rico’s Red Beans and Rice

OK – here’s a stab at the recipe. I usually use a big crock pot, or the
big green pot 🙂

5-6 cans of red beans 15-16oz? (or a few of the big ones)
1-2 cans 15oz of diced tomatoes (can get them with garlic and onion)
1 medium vidalia (or other sweet yellow) onion, chopped up
1 green pepper
1 red pepper (chop both up good)
a few cloves of garlic, crushed
Salt & pepper
Thyme (wish I could give a measure, but I usually do it to taste)
couple of Bay leaves
I usually throw in some Tony Chacharies (sp?) spices as well.

Put all the onion, pepper, and garlic in a pan with a little oil, cook
it till the onion starts to turn clear.

Toss that in a pot with the beans. A crock-pot will have to cook a
couple hours longer than just on the stove in a big pot. Basically cook
it till the beans start to soften up.

A couple pounds of good sausage. There is a brand name (that I can’t
recall at the moment) that Winn-Dixie carries here that is cajun spiced.
If you can find Andoullie (sp?) sausage, it’s good stuff. Otherwise, I
just get regular smoked sausuage. I usually cut medallions and pan fry
them till they’re browned on both sides. Drop them in the beans when the
beans are getting soft, cook another 30 min.

If you start with dried beans, you’ll have to follow the directions.
Wash, soak overnight, etc. Canned beans are much easier.

Cook up enough rice for however many people you want to serve. For 6
cans of beans, I think I usually do about 6 cups of rice.

You want to keep the beans somewhat bland, then have Lousiana hot sauce,
Tony Chacharies, etc for people to spice it up to their tastes.

Good luck!

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