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LaLa to get into the digital music arena

June 5, 2007

This is an interesting development.  LaLa.com (an excellent CD trading site) will start offering digital tracks for $0.99.  The twist is that they will push them directly to your iPod.

To download songs to an iPod, members must download a 3-megabyte plug-in that runs on all major browsers on Windows and Macintosh computers. Because the songs aren’t stored on the PC hard drive, the primary source for files pirated on peer-to-peer networks, Lala will dispense with traditional digital rights management, which controls which devices can play a song.

It’s an interesting theory that the record labels will buy that this keeps their IP safe.  Granted Apple in particular does go to some lengths to obscure the tracks on the harddrive (has everyone forgotten that’s all an iPod is).  But that being said it’s still not very difficult to get the tracks off of your player.  Other players don’t do any obfuscation at all making it easier.  Maybe in a couple of hundred years they’ll figure out that people are going to share music regardless and they need to find a way to make it easier to get it through correct channels than to get it from somewhere else. 

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