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I think I've got it

I had a bit of an epiphany today, I was reading a post from John Forslund’s blog where he talks about diving.  Granted rules answers in hockey are never simple but here’s the plan.  Next season the league makes a deal about enforced crackdown of diving along with the continued Officiating Standard.  When a ref sees a hook, trip, etc but also sees a dive or embellishment, rather than not calling either (bad), or only calling one (ok, but still bad), he calls both.  Here’s the difference, it’s not a manpower penalty.  2 minutes each for each player, both sides skate 5-on-5.  The effect his has is potentially removing the two players for longer than two minutes.  Since teams are skating 5-on-5 the offending players can’t leave the penalty box until a stoppage in play.  This also has the effect of not altering the current play.  It’s still 5-on-5 rather than 4-on-4.  4-on-4 changes the game, there is more ice, coaches roll different lines, refs are less likely to call additional penalties since it would be 4-on-3 or 3-on-3 (which almost never happens).  It gives refs more of an out to a tough judgment call.  If either side is blatant with the hook or the dive, you could tack on another 2 minutes and give a powerplay.  It’s important to remove a diving player (and a hooking player) from the ice in punishment for the action, but not giving a 4-on-4 (which for some teams is a powerplay because of their skill) would go a long way to make it an easier infraction to enforce.

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