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Fair Market Music?

March 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Recently I’ve become a fan of, but there is something out there that certainly is interesting. operates on the premise that the popularity of music drives it’s price. The idea is that artists upload their albums/songs, all DRM free (mp3). Songs start out free, and as they get downloaded the price goes up till it hits a ceiling of $0.98. This seems like a great idea on several fronts. First of all getting artists to release DRM free music is a big win. Barenaked Ladies has released their latest album on amiestreet, which is a big win as they are a very established band. Second fair market sets the price of individual songs. As more and more people download a given song the price goes up.

From a music lover’s perspective it’s great, free to cheap DRM free music that you can use anywhere. On top of that you have a pretty good idea what is good and what isn’t by the price you pay.

As is true with all good ideas, time will tell if it’s successful, that and getting more major bands to sign on and try it.

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