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Back on a music kick

February 19, 2007

Thanks to a friend I reconnected with over New Years, I’ve gotten back into music.  Not quite to the extent I was in high school / college, but the interest is back.  One of the things that has assisted in this is lala.com.  LaLa lets you trade CD’s with other users for $1 + $0.75 s/h.  For someone that has around 400-500 CD’s (alot of which fall into the ‘why did I buy this’ category), this is a great idea.  I basically lets me recycle my old CD’s and get new stuff I’m interested in in return.  It also lets me try new music for a much better price than the $10-$15 I would normally pay in retail.  Artists get 20% as well, and that’s on each time it trades hands rather than just the upfront sale from retail. 

The other thing that has helped has been my new MacBook Pro (15″) that work got me.  Having a local iTunes is nice b/c I can spend a few cycles each day during the work hours cleaning up, organizing, tweaking my library.  This is better than trying to come home and find time to do it in a big chunk.  My current iTunes crusade is getting album art assigned to every song.  This has the side benefit of making me set soundtracks etc as compilations so they are grouped by iTunes correctly. 

Currently the tools I’m using are the dashboard widget Amazon Art, I’ve in general already cleanup up my tags with IEatBrainz/Picard.  I use quicktunes to control iTunes and also show a popup of the album cover so I notice if it’s missing and can fix it with Amazon Art. 

I’m still looking for a good way to keep my Library in sync with my mac at home.  I’ve tried syncopation which seems ok, but doesn’t sync playcounts, ratings, playlists, etc. Supersync might show some promise but it’s a little pricier.

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