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Death of an Industry?

December 14, 2006

I’ve always been tangentially interested in how various industries survive when faced with the move to a more digital/connected world. Some fold up and die, others spin their wheels in a desperate attempt to stay relative. I generally don’t read the newspaper, never really have. If it’s laying around somewhere I’ll read it, but never out of my way. Same thing goes for the news, I don’t watch local news, and certainly never the ‘national’ news. The consensus has always been that these industries were in either a slow death or a pending revolution. How does a hard copy paper compete with a website that is updated moments after news breaks where the paper won’t be out till the next morning. How does a TV station compete with the breath of content and options that a website has to offer. Even with the advent of 24 hour local news channels it’s still hard to compete with truly on demand news that is available online, rather than being fed what the editor thinks is the latest story.

Love him or hate him, Mark Cuban has always been an innovator. I read his blog often because he (I think) truly understand technology, revolution and media. His post, RSS – The Newspapers Revenge ? is a very interesting read. I think he makes some great points and has an idea on how to make news organizations relevant again.

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