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Death of an Industry?

December 14, 2006 Comments off

I’ve always been tangentially interested in how various industries survive when faced with the move to a more digital/connected world. Some fold up and die, others spin their wheels in a desperate attempt to stay relative. I generally don’t read the newspaper, never really have. If it’s laying around somewhere I’ll read it, but never out of my way. Same thing goes for the news, I don’t watch local news, and certainly never the ‘national’ news. The consensus has always been that these industries were in either a slow death or a pending revolution. How does a hard copy paper compete with a website that is updated moments after news breaks where the paper won’t be out till the next morning. How does a TV station compete with the breath of content and options that a website has to offer. Even with the advent of 24 hour local news channels it’s still hard to compete with truly on demand news that is available online, rather than being fed what the editor thinks is the latest story.

Love him or hate him, Mark Cuban has always been an innovator. I read his blog often because he (I think) truly understand technology, revolution and media. His post, RSS – The Newspapers Revenge ? is a very interesting read. I think he makes some great points and has an idea on how to make news organizations relevant again.

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Any which way to lose

December 12, 2006 Comments off

With apologies to Clint Eastwood.  This road trip has been the pits.  The canes have managed to lose every game on it in every imaginable way.  Outplayed and shutout for 60 minutes?  Check.  Out ref’ed, out played for 40 minutes?  Check.  Outplayed for 40 minutes then showing heart and coming back to force overtime and losing in the extra frame?  Check.  Mailing it in with a 1 goal lead in the third and getting blown out?  Check.

I hope the boys have learned something about themselves on this trip, because it’s been pretty abysmal to watch and nothing good seems to come out of it.  But hopefully things will look up, home cooking is around the corner, and some days off to heal (and lick) their wounds.  Hopefully a reeling opponent to play at home on a Friday night will be just what the doctor ordered. 

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Password Management

December 7, 2006 Comments off

In doing some reading I found the pwsafe password database.  There are quite a few things out there to manage passwords, but I like this one because of it’s copy/paste integration and that you can dump the db to text pretty easily to share it with others.  In my field you always end up with some way of sharing root passwords etc with other people that you work with in some secure manner.  My favorite has always been gpg encrypted files, it’s easy it works, it’s platform independent for the most part.  This lets you combine that with a common format and a little more ease of use.

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Canes: 1 Oilers: 1 McGoo: 1 Leggo: 1

December 7, 2006 Comments off

Before the rant begins, hats off to the oilers, they showed up last night.  The canes did for 35 minutes or so, but the Oil was there for 60 minutes, and in my opinion probably would have won regardless of the debacle that was the officiating last night.

The first goal was all Cam’s fault, I know you are 22, but how many times as the Stefan told you not to leave the short side.  On the second Oil goal, McGoo was the lower zone ref, which means he’s responsible for the net and the puck.  Leggo on the other hand is the high official which means he’s responsible for the play away from the puck.  The trip on Williams was about has blatant as they come and Leggo just watched it roll by.  Does Smith still score if Williams isn’t tripped up?  Maybe, but I doubt he even takes the shot because he’s not open and being pressured by a speedy forward.

The third goal I blame squarely on McGoo.  How does that conversation go anyway.  “I’m sorry Mr. Commodore, apparently you have spontaneously started bleeding, but I can’t call anything.” I still don’t get how he didn’t see it, he blew the whistle to stop play because Commodore was injured!  How do I pin the third goal on him you ask?  Discounting the fact is should have been a 4 minute minor, having such a blatant call missed frustrated the canes to no end which in no small way lead to the disarray which Pisani took advantage of. 

Though it burns me that Leggo and McGoo basically handed the game to the Oil, I can’t place all the blame on them.  The power play was anemic, the team looked tired in the third, and the grit was missing. 

I actually feel sad for McGoo (Leggo is not blameless in this though), he’s been reffing for a long time.  Since he’s been around a while he obviously was pretty good at one time.  He must love the game (how do you do it otherwise), but he’s old and he’s slipping.  This is the second game in a row that he’s missing a lot of obvious calls and called things that seasoned announcers can’t find.  The chippy play, the knee call on Williams, and Hedican’s (and probably Commodore’s) high sticks are all directly the fault of McGoo and Leggo not calling stuff throughout the game.  Players are smart, they will take advantage of every loophole and loose interpretation in the rules, that’s what they are paid to do.  If the refs put the whistles away the players are going to push it and people are going to get hurt and the game is going to suck.  I’ve never had a problem getting beat by a better team, or even getting beat by bad luck, but getting beat because the refs want to skate around and stare into the crowd is a pretty tough pill to swallow.

I know Oil Nation has an equal hatred for McGoo because of his blown call during the Dallas game, but I did a little digging and found that 2 of the 3 wins the Oilers had during the SCFs were officiated by McGoo. 

Now I don’t want to leave Mike Leggo out of my rant because he’s just as much to blame as McGoo.  I understand that you are a pair and that there is a veteran ref that kinda leads the pair, but grow a pair and make the calls when you see them.  At no time last night did I see Leggo make a call before McGoo raised his arm.  Why are you even out there if you wait for the other guy on every single play?!  If you won’t make the right call for the sake of the game, do it at least for the sake of your job.

I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about lax officiating creeping back into the game.  In the eastern conference I don’t see it.  I think the standard is there, sure there are off nights but it’s a human process all in all I think it’s good.  Now in the west I don’t watch many games, but what I’ve seen so far it’s 2002 all over again and it’s sad.  If it continues I guess the cup is going to go to whatever conference the officials are from.  The western teams seem to have a harder time with speedy aggressive teams when the officiating is good (Buffalo, Atlanta, etc), but the east gets handed when the officials shut down and go home.

It’s a sad way to go if it continues.

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