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May 2, 2006

So a couple of things on the playoffs so far. There have been some excellent games and in general the officiating has been the same as the regular season. By no means does that mean it’s consistent but I like this better than clutch and grab and they haven’t relaxed now that it’s the playoffs.

The Red Wings are done. I always said they were inflated somewhat by a weak division but they did beat up on the rest of the western conference as well. Legace could have been better but Linstrom *should* have been way better. The one thing I don’t understand is this. It’s game 6, you’re down 1 goal, 1:06 left in the third period, you’re facing elimination, the puck is in their end, you’ve pulled your goalie… How do you *NOT* put the heart and soul of your team, your best faceoff guy, the face of the franchise, in to take the draw. I don’t know what Babcock was thinking leaving him on the bench. Not that I really think it would have mattered since the Red Wings all had this “I can’t believe we’re about to lose to the oilers.” look on their faces and the game wasn’t even over. But still how do you leave Stevie Y on the bench in the final minute of your season?

The canes are in MTL for game 6 as well tonight, I’ll make no predictions or anything my only comment will be that no matter what they had better work, skate their butts off and don’t quit.

Speaking of MTL, I made the mistake of reading TSN.ca today. Apparently I was under the mistaken assumption that they attempt to be relativly objective in their articles. Boy was I wrong. Normally the team hating, making up conspiracy theory stuff is left to message board fanboys and bloggers not actual paid journalists.

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