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les ouragans de la Caroline

January 31, 2006

I buy center ice every year. Not really for the canes games, since I go to almost every one and watch all the road games on tv, but b/c those 82 games still leave 200 or so days that I’m not watching hockey. It’s good that OLN picked up the cable package but they still haven’t figured out how to show hockey quite yet. So I buy center ice to watch more hockey, not to mention first round playoffs as well. I was fixing to be a little disappointed tonight b/c FSN wasn’t carrying the game, and neither was Center Ice. However I found out that they added the broadcast at the last minute. I guess playing well this season has some side benifits. The interesting thing is that they added the RDS broadcast (apparently the only network covering the game in either the states or Canada. I watch quite a bit of canadian tv on center ice, they have better hockey coverage, better commercials (more clever) and their advertising is spread out a bit more so you don’t see the same 5 commercials 20 times during a game. Tonight however is the first time I’ve watched canadian tv in french. It’s kind sureal. They have some of the same commericals, but in french. I have very little clue what’s going on colour/play by play because… you guessed it, it’s in french. I recognize a little here and there but I’m so rusty it’s not actual comprehension, more “I know that word”. I knew quite a while ago I get a lot of aural clues. I listen to the play by play at the games, part of that is Chuck Kaiton is “the man”. I do notice watching the games in french that I’ve missed like 3 goals (it’s 8-2 right now) b/c I don’t get the audio clues that a big play is coming.

Laisse aller des Cannes !

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