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Oily Turkey Goodness

November 25, 2005 Comments off

Deep fried my first turkey this weekend, also had the first family holidy meal in the new house. Turkey was awesome, best money I’ve spent on cooking appliances in a while, and fast too. Good thing though the weather was nice otherwise might have been a real chore. It was great having everyone at the house even if some special people couldn’t make it.

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The Wizards of Winter

November 23, 2005 Comments off

Some guys either have too much time on their hands or some sick xmms/winamp plugins… They syncronized their house xmas lights to a kickin’ tune by Transiberian Orchestra. ((link removed)) X-10 and the grizwalds surrender.

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SSH and Screen

November 16, 2005 Comments off

I nabbed this from off google to solve the same problem. You are using screen and you disconnect and come back later and all your ssh auth sessions are broken. I modified it a bit to be friendlier about locations.

if [ ! -z "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" ]; then
    if [ "$TERM" = "screen" ]; then
        SSH_AUTH_SOCK=${screen_ssh_agent}; export SSH_AUTH_SOCK
        if [ ! -d "$(dirname ${screen_ssh_agent})" ]; then
            mkdir -p $(dirname ${screen_ssh_agent})
        ln -snf ${SSH_AUTH_SOCK} ${screen_ssh_agent}


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Horseshoe Farm Park

November 15, 2005 Comments off

Tomorrow night 7pm @ Durant Road Middle School, Parks & Rec is having a meeting to discuss the ammenities that will go in Horseshoe Farm park. If you are a disc golfer you should be there. If you want a new course in Raleigh, you should be there.

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Tournament Payout

November 14, 2005 Comments off

The biggest complaint I hear from golfers always has to do with the payout at this event or that event. First of all every one of you is missing the reason you started playing in the first place. If you are playing to win plastic you are barking up the wrong tree. There are alot more efficient ways to get plastic than to pay $30 and play in a tournement to try to win some. Read more…

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Mod Rewrite

November 14, 2005 Comments off

Well I think I understand it now, at least better than I did before. As with most things apache it’s a matter of experience and trial and error. But I’ve got things working the way I wanted them. I guess everyone’s advice about mod_rewrite is true… Stay away whenever possible.

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Graphs, Graphs, Graphs

November 10, 2005 Comments off

After doing alot of graphing work at well… work. I decided to get it setup at home. The parltry amount of traffic makes them not very interesting but it was a good learning experience. Cacti is a much better replacement for mrtg. Loads easier to setup and does better graphs to boot. An even more obscure use of rrdtool can be found in mailgraphs which is neat though completely pointless . Just serves as proof that my email of 7+ years gets alot of spam.

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